A Book About Compassion & Kindness

Develop your child's Empathy so they can understand & react properly to other's feelings!



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A Kid's eBook About Empathy!


  • This eBook teaches your child how to feel “with” others, and act with kindness.
  • For Ages 2+, Written & developed by early childhood education experts.
  • eBook format: PDF, Length: 40 Pages, Compatibility: Adobe Acrobat PC (Windows & MAC), Tablets, Smart Phones (iOS & Android).
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What's inside this children's eBook:

👧 Meet Maddie!

Maddie has multiple exciting stories to tell on her Journey to understand Empathy


📝 Simple Guide

The book includes reflection moments & practical guidance for kids


💕 Multiple Characters 

Your child will be introduced to other relatable characters including Nina Maddie's best friend


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Meet the Author

Manuela Ocampo (Magu)

Early Childhood Educator

A specialist in early literacy and passionate about children’s literature. Magu believes that childhood can be celebrated through picture books, and that children deserve to feel identified and connected to books.

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I loved it! This is the kind of book that I would get for my kids, that teaches feelings and connections. The story is simple and the illustrations are vibrant & beautiful. That's exactly what is empathy about!

Paula O.


Me and my Daughter LOVED the: "Put yourself in some else’s shoes and imagine how would you feel" Analogy, Amazing!

Sarah S.


Raise a Compassionate Child

Raise an Empathetic Child, that can understand, predict and react properly to other's feelings.

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