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A Children Book About Empathy

Imagine Raising A Kind, Empathetic & Compassionate Child

Written & illustrated by children development experts, A Book About Empathy is a fun story and guide that'll help develop your child's (3-10 yrs) ability to understand & react to other's feelings.

✅ Multiple mini-stories that teaches your child how to feel “with” others, and act with kindness.

✅ A simple children guide to practice empathy, that'll develop your child's emotional intelligence (EQ).

✅ A Book About Empathy is designed to help create a deeper connection with your child, by developing Empathy skills together.

What's included in the eBook:

  • Meet Maddie: The story of Maddie on her journey to understand Empathy

  • Multiple Guides with Various CharactersYour child will be introduced to other relatable characters including Nina Maddie's best friend

  • Simple Guide: Simple reflection Empathy guides for kids to learn about empathy

What Are Parents Saying?

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  I loved it ! This is the kind of book that I would get for my kids, that teaches feelings and connections. The story is simple therefore every child can understand it. Also the illustrations are vibrant and beautiful. My favorite part is the one with the different shoes as much to feel for someone's sadness as for their joy. That’s what empathy is about!

Paula O.


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  "A book about empathy" is nothing else but such a good tool to teach children empathy in a pretty clear way. As a child psychologist myself, and a mum to be, I want to use this book to teach my little ones the importance of understanding everyone's feelings. Empathy as a value is as important as math and science, That's why I consider this book a must read for every child!

Daniela Diaz


What is the book format?

A Book About Empathy is available in eBook format: PDF, Length: 40 Pages, Compatibility: PC (Windows & MAC), TabletsSmart Phones (iOS & Android).


More than 500 parents just like you have found value in A Book About Empathy.



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